Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Type of RMA orders in Order Management

Overview of Returns
Order Management supports a variety of methods for returning products so your
return polices can respond to the changing needs of your marketplace. For example, a
shipment is damaged in transit and your customer calls to return the item. The type of
product, your customer's needs, and your company's polices can all affect the way you
process this request for return.
Order Management lets you decide at the time you authorize the return how to process
the request. You can accept the return and process a credit for the customer, updating
all sales activity and credit balances. Or you can accept the return for replacement, and
enter a replacement order instead of issuing a credit.
Return Material Authorization Types
1. RMA with Credit Only
Your company issues a credit without the customer returning the product.
2. RMA with Repair
Your customer returns a damaged product. Your company repairs and returns the
2-98 Oracle Order Management User's Guide
product to the customer.
3. RMA with Replacement
Your customer returns a product and your company sends a replacement product
rather than issuing a credit.
4. RMA with Receipt and No Credit
Your customer returns a product you sent to them on a trial basis or at no charge,
therefore they receive no credit.
5. RMA With Receipt and Credit
Customer returns a product and receives credit.
6. Returned Item Fails Inspection (Exception case)
Your customer returns product, Company inspects product and rejects it. Company
scraps product or sends product back to Customer. In this case, you have the option of
performing an RMA transaction of type:
RMA with Repair, RMA with Replacement, RMA with Receipt and No Credit, or RMA
with Receipt and Credit

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