Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Useful query :Relation between AR invoice and Sales Order

Query for to find out AR invoice and Sales Order Details

SELECT oha.order_number, 
               ola.line_number so_line_number,
               ola.ordered_item item_name,
              ola.ordered_quantity * ola.unit_selling_price LINE_AMOUNT,
              rcta.trx_number Transaction_number, rcta.trx_date,
              rctla.line_number TRX_line_number,
               rctla.unit_selling_price unit_selling_price
  FROM oe_order_headers_all oha,
              oe_order_lines_all ola,
               ra_customer_trx_all rcta,
               ra_customer_trx_lines_all rctla
 WHERE oha.header_id = ola.header_id
   AND rcta.customer_trx_id = rctla.customer_trx_id
   AND rctla.interface_line_attribute6 = TO_CHAR (ola.line_id)
   AND rctla.interface_line_attribute1 = TO_CHAR (oha.order_number)
   AND order_number = :p_order_number


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