Thursday, February 28, 2013

File Types and Extensions in Oracle Apps

List of File Types and Extensions in Oracle Apps

.a Library files for C language code
.c  C lang source code
.ctl DataMerge control file (Sql loader)
.dat DataMerge import/export (Data file)
.Drv Driver (patch related files)
.env Unix environment
.exp DataMerge export
.fmb Binary forms
.fmx Execuatble forms
.h C lang header file
.jar java archive
.lc C lang source to be archived
.lct Data loader control
.ldt Data loader datafile
.log Concurrent request log
.lpc PRO*C  source to be archived
.msb Binary message
.msg Readable message
.o C lang object module
.odf Object description
.out Concurrent request output
.plb PL/SQL package body
.pll PL/SQL shared library (reports)
.pls PL/SQL package specs
.rdf Oracle D2k Reports
.req Oracle reports Executable
.sql SQL*Plus scripts

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