Thursday, February 28, 2013

Enabling Report Trace via User Profile Option

1) Logon to apps under the System Administrator responsibility.

2)Navigate: Profile > System.

3)On the "Find System Profile Values" form, make sure the checkboxes for "User" and "Profiles with no Values" are checked.

4)Beside the "User" check box use the LOV to select the user who's activity you need to trace.

5)In the "Profile" field, type: Initialization SQL Statement - Custom
Then click the "Find" button.

6)Under the User column enter the following all on one line: 
note: you can substitute any meaninful word for REPORT.

7)Swtich to the Responsibility needed to run the report.

8)Go directly to submit the process. When it has completed, UNSET the profile "Initialization SQL Statement - Custom" for this user and exit the application.

9)The trace file will be located in the directory identified by the following select:
select value from v$parameter where name = 'user_dump_dest'; 
and will include "REPORT" in the filename.

Use LEVEL 4 (as indicated above) for binds only.
Use LEVEL 8 for waits only.
Use LEVEL 12 for both.

Enabling Trace in the Before_Report Trigger

1)Open the rdf file with rwbuilder.

2)Edit the Before Report Trigger and add this line right after BEGIN

SRW.DO_SQL ('alter session set events=''10046 trace name context forever, level 4'' tracefile_identifier=''REPORT');

3)Recompile and save the report.

Use LEVEL 4 (as indicated above) for binds only.
Use LEVEL 8 for waits only
Use LEVEL 12 for both

When the report is run the trace file will be written to the udump directory which can be identified by the following select:
select value from v$parameter where name = 'user_dump_dest'; 

Trace will automatically turn off when the report ends.

Tracing From the Reports Builder

To enable tracing in the Reports Builder user interface:

1)Open your rdf in with rwbuilder.
2)Choose Program>Tracing.
3)Select the Trace Mode.
Select appropriate Trace Options. The trace file now logs information for the
entire Reports Builder session.

The trace file will be written to the directory from which you launched the Reports Builder.


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