Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trading Community Usage Within Order Management

Trading Community
Party: This is a generic term for any entity which can have any type of relationship
with your company. The three primary party types are:
Person: This party type is typically used when you are creating an entity that
operates within a business to customer environment.
Organization: This party type is typically used when you are creating an entity
that operates within a business to business environment.
Party Relationship: This party type represents a binary relationship between
two parties such as a partnership. Party relationship types can be seeded or
user-defined. A party relationship is optionally a party itself, meaning certain
party relationships can enter into relationships themselves (currently not
supported within Order Management).
Party Site: Party Site represents the link between a party and a location (a valid
location for the party. Typically, your organizational hierarchy is used when
2-182 Oracle Order Management Implementation Manual
modeling using party relationships.
Account: An account represents a relationship between your company and a party
in the Trading Community model who is your customer. Accounts contain the
attributes of the selling relationship between your organization and a party.
Account attributes do not describe a party; they only exist when a selling
relationship is present between the your organization and a party. The information
which is used for processing orders and receivables transactions is part of the
account information.
Account Site: A party site address that is used within the context of an account.
Account Site Usage: An account site created for specific usage; for example, billing
or shipping purposes. If a new account site usage is created for a Customer, then
that Account Site Usage will be marked as Primary.
Mapping Order Management terminology to Trading Community terminology
• Customer Site, Customer Location, Customer Address: These terms, within Order
Management equate to Trading Community Account Sites.
• Bill To, Ship To, Deliver To: These terms, within Order Management, equate to
Trading Community Account Sites Usages.
The following figure describes the conceptual usage of the Trading Community model
as utilized currently within Order Management.

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