Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Some of the Order Management R12 new features

Multi-Organization Access Control (MOAC)
  Multi-Org Access Control enables uses to access multiple operating units data from single responsibility. Users can access reports , Concurrent programs , all setup screens of multiple operating units from single responsibility without switching responsibilities. They can also use Order Import to bring in orders for different Operating Units from within a single responsibility

Mass Scheduling Enhancements
 Mass Scheduling can now schedule lines that never been scheduled or those that have failed manual scheduling. Mass Scheduling also supports unscheduling and rescheduling.
Exception Management Enhancements
·         R12 Provides a Concurrent program to preview and tetry stuck transactions(Due to errors in workflow)
·         A Concurrent program was provided to retry these errors Worflow.
·         The program name is "Retry Errored Workflow Activities"
Cascading Attributes
   Cascading the header level attributes to lines of the order. This will reduce the manual entry / update by the user.
 To active this functionality
   Set the profile option : OM: Sales Order Form: Cascade Header Changes to Line
Also enable the cascading attributes by setting up the quick codes.
Setup --> Quick Codes--> Order Management --> Type - 'OM_HEADER_TO_LINE_CASCADE'

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