Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to Copy Sales Order Line level sets in Order Management (R12i Feature)

In R12 Oracle has introduced a new feature, where you can copy the Line Sets (fulfillment/Ship/Arrival) while copying the sales order, this will be great help to customers where they have very large sales order with Line sets. Till now user has no option , but to copy the sales order without sets and then manually added line to the sets in new-copied sales order , this process is very tedious and time consuming if the # of lines Order are large and these lines belongs to multiple Sets. But with new functionality their job is really very easy.

This new feature to copy the Sets , has nothing to do with the existing feature of fulfillment set at the order header level , but it do results in some issues/error is not take care properly.

For this new feature Oracle has provided 2 additional checkbox in the Copy Order Form.
1. Fulfillment Set
2. Ship /arrival Set
By default these will be unchecked and also if user is not copying the Order line then these 2 check boxes will be disabled.

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