Monday, September 30, 2013

how to pass the same value to more than one report with same parameter in request sets in oracles apps

Ex. If you have more than one report in a request set for which the parameter value is same and the user don't want to enter it more than one time.

Here is the setup.

Use the Shared Parameter field to set a default value for a parameter that occurs in more than one report or program of a request set. Once you enter the same parameter label in the Shared Parameter field for each occurrence of the same parameter, the value that you assign to the first occurrence of the parameter becomes the default value for all subsequent occurrences of the parameter. The shared parameter label simply enables you to set an initial default value for all occurrences of the same parameter so you can avoid typing the same value all over again for every occurrence of the parameter.
For example, suppose you define a request set that includes three reports, and all reports include a parameter called “Set of Books". You want the “Set of Books" parameter to default to the same value in all reports. To accomplish this, enter a label called “Book" in the Shared Parameter field for the first occurrence of this parameter. You can also assign a value in the Default Value field of this parameter now, or wait until you run the request set to assign a default value when the parameter first appears. Enter the label “Book" in the Shared Parameter field of all other occurrences of the “Set of Books" parameter in your request set. When you submit this request set from the Submit Requests window, every parameter that you label “Book" defaults to the value you assign to the first occurrence of the “Set of Books" parameter.

Important: Note that if you later change the value of a parameter that contains a shared parameter label, you change only the value for that instance of the parameter, and not the value for all other occurrences of that labelled parameter.

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