Saturday, April 27, 2013

how to check the workflow status from back end in oracle applications

SELECT wat1.display_name "process name", wat.display_name "activity name",
       wa.FUNCTION "function",wa.*
  FROM wf_process_activities wpa,
       wf_activities_tl wat,
       wf_activities_tl wat1,
       wf_activities wa,
       wf_item_activity_statuses wias_h
WHERE wpa.activity_item_type = wa.item_type
   AND wpa.instance_label = wa.NAME
   AND wat.item_type = wa.item_type
   AND wat.version = wa.version
   AND wat.LANGUAGE = 'US'
   AND wat.NAME = wa.NAME
   AND wat1.NAME = wpa.process_name
   AND wat1.item_type = wat.item_type
   AND wat1.version = wat.version
   AND wat1.version = wpa.process_version
   AND wias_h.item_type = 'OEOL'
   AND wias_h.process_activity = wpa.instance_id
   AND wias_h.item_key = :item_key

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