Friday, April 12, 2013

How to Migrate DFF from one instance to another instance

Run the below download command in home directory of Instance1, the ldt file descript_flex.ldt is created in the same directory.

FNDLOAD apps/<password> 0 Y DOWNLOAD @FND:patch/115/import/afffload.lct descript_flex.ldt desc_flex_application DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD_NAME=description_flexfield_name

desc_flex_application - is the shortname of the Application of the DFF.
description_flexfield_name - This is not title of the DFF.

To get description_flexfield_name:
Open the DFF in Application DeveloperàFlexfieldàDescriptiveàSegments

click help->diagnostics->examine->
The value in the field “Value” is the description_flexfield_name.

For Example, The description_flexfield_name of the DFF “Additional Information” in the above screenshot is: CS_INCIDENTS_ALL_B_EXT.
Application is: Service.
Short name of Service is: CS
And the download command is:

FNDLOAD apps/<password> 0 Y DOWNLOAD @FND:patch/115/import/afffload.lct descript_flex.ldt CS DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD_NAME=CS_INCIDENTS_ALL_B_EXT

/*Upload description flexfield*/
Transfer the ldt file descript_flex.ldt from Instance1 to the home directory of the Instance2 and run the below upload command in the same directory.

FNDLOAD apps/apps 0 Y UPLOAD @FND:patch/115/import/afffload.lct descript_flex.ldt

/*Compiling description flexfield*/
After migration, run the below compilation command to compile the flexfield in the Instance2.

fdfcmp apps/<password> 0 Y D desc_flex_application description_flexfield_name

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