Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What is hold in OM ? What are the types of Holds in Order Management.

A Hold is to stop an order, return, order line, or return line from continuing to progress through its life cycle.
A Hold can be applied manually to a specific order by querying the order and then selecting the apply holds screen or can be applied automatically based on set of  criteria defined by the user (Hold source setup). User can define as many different Holds based on the business needs of the user/ company.
User can not apply a hold if the order has been pick released.
Types of Holds in Order Management
Credit Check Hold
    Order Entry performs an automatic credit check on the active customers, based on credit rules and credit limits defined by the user in your system. You can set credit limits for a total of all the customer's orders and of individual order amounts.
General Services Administration (GSA) Violation Hold
       The GSA hold ensures that a specific group of customers always receives the best pricing.
Configurations Holds
    If the configuration is invalid this hold will be applied on the order to prevent further processing.

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