Tuesday, March 26, 2013

WHO COLUMNS in Oracle Apps

WHO columns are used to track the information updated or inserted by the users against the tables. FND_STANDARD package is used for this purpose. FND_STANDARD.SET_WHO Procedure is used to update the WHO columns in aTable when a DML operation s (i.e. INSERT, UPDATE) performed.1) Created by2) Creation date3) Last _updated_by4) last_update_date5) last_update_login

  •  Use fnd_profile.VALUE (‘USER_ID’) for retrieving the user_id   which will be used by created_by column.
  •  Creation date and last_update_date will be normally SYSDATE.
  •  last_updated_by is same as created_by.
  •  Use USERENV (‘SESSIONID’) for getting the last_update_login id

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